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I'm Coco Tiekle, an Aussie Brit wellness entrepreneur, blogger, DJ, speaker, plant lady, cat mama to rescues, Willow and Yoshi and wife to my super hot hubby! 

Based in London, I'm on a mission to explore and change the world by empowering you with tips and insights, along with my own experiences, to live a life full of love, intention, meaning, happiness and self care.

This blog, Make It Mylk is all about living holistically, mindfully and creating beautiful change and a lasting legacy for both ourselves and our planet.

I'm also a passionate certified yoga and mindfulness teacher with a love for a juicy Vinyasa Flow and speak at wellness festivals such as Be:Fit and Wanderlust.

All through my 20's I was working and living in Sydney, Australia just coasting along, struggling with anxiety and stuck in this cycle of wishing away the week, eating poorly, drinking too much and not loving myself a whole lot.

But in early 2016 I lost my Dad, my best friend, suddenly. After the fog of grief had lifted, I realised that life was too short to wish it away.

Through my healing process, I reconnected with yoga and realised it's power for my mind and soul rather than just my body - for the first time in the 15 years I had been practicing. I have Kai Yoga in Mosman, Sydney to thank for that. I knew I had to become a yoga teacher and share this gift. 

I'm always thankful for the lessons my Dad gave me, even in his death. His loss highlighted for me the importance of self care, asking a simple 'are you okay?' and taking care of both your physical AND mental health. It's something I now passionately speak about.

Through yoga and my own experiences with loss, grief and mental health I made it my mission to slow down, live mindfully, appreciate every single second, live my life for my dreams and share endless abundance and happiness with my loved ones. 

Fast forward to today! From this blog, Make It Mylk to my own yoga teaching and practice, to empowering and supporting women through my e-courses and meditations over at, speaking at wellness festivals and DJing for epic parties and events, I can honestly say I'm living the life I choose. I pack a lot in, but I make time to nurture and nourish myself too and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And the beauty of it is, we all have that power.

A big thanks for being here. Know this - your struggles don't define you. I know mine don't define me. You have so much power, there are always options and opportunities and I hope that I can inspire you to live your best darn life! Because what's the point of pursuing anything less?

Big love, Coco x


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